Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Say hello!

Hey guys, I'm back for some afternoon blogging, after going rock climbing at a HUGE gym with my mother. Heh. Mother.

It was funny, because on this one route(a series of tape or paint markings to show which areas may be used while climbing) had a particular tag(at the place I climb, there are tags, and that shows info about the route) that was truly confusing. Sadly, I didn't snap a picture, but this is what it said:

(the name of the route, I forgot what it was)
Tape color-yellow
Naturals(grooves and ledges in the wall, also referred to as nats) on for only days with an even number of letters, and only after 11:37 am.
Route setter-
S. Smith(one of my employee buds)
Just kidding, you can use nats as much as you want.

Yeah, basically the guy was saying that you could only use naturals if the day had an even number of letters in the name, and if it was past 11:37 AM. Apparently, today, I couldn't use nats :(, only because it was Wednesday(9 letters), even though it was WELL past 11:37 AM.

Anyway, I want to welcome one of my best friends, Perri, to the blogosphere, as my second-in-command. Don't be alarmed if you see a 'posted by Perri at 0:00 pm' down at the bottom, okay?


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