Saturday, June 30, 2012

On the Road Again: Georgia!

Yes! After over sixteen hours of being cooped up in a car, I--we--finally arrived in *unnamed island near Savannah*, GA! Last night, we stayed in Atlanta, and the pullout bed was SO COMFY. We're sharing the house with a few other families, so we're never lonely!
So, I feel like I have to blog about this amazing restaurant in Manchester, Tennessee. Their hospitality was outstanding, and so was their food. The restaurant's name is The Oak Restaurant, and like I said, they're located in Manchester, TN. Our server was so nice, and I really felt out of place, since I asked him if they had sweet tea. Being from a state where if you want iced tea, you have to join the dark side and go unsweetened, sweet tea is a treat! I don't go to McDonald's often, which is one of the only places in my town that I know of that has sweet tea...Anyway, Oak Restaurant. Manchester.
Secondly--or third?--: GAS.
You Southerners out there that are reading this post are SO FREAKING LUCKY!! Gas in my region costs about $4.12 p/gal. Gas in the South? Around $2.90-$3.20 p/gal. At the gas station we were: only $3.03.
Boy, did my dad fill up on gas then!

I have a question for everyone:

Is "Southern Hospitality" a real thing? Northerners: Have you ever met an outlandishly mean or rude Southerner?
Southerners: If you are hospitable, does that mean that Northerners are hostile?
Other regions:What is the price of gas in your part of the country?

Comment below with your answer--just click or tap "(random #) comments", and type away!

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