Friday, June 29, 2012

On the Road Again: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee

Sorry I haven't been posting...been really busy lately.

Anyway, my family is awesome enough to go to *unnamed town, island, or city near the coast near Savannah*, Georgia, so we're on the road, from *unnamed midwestern city* to GA. Right now, we're in Tennessee, we actually just left the Nashville area. But first, Illinois.

I don't know if I put this in my info, but I currently reside in the WAAAAY Upper States, making my journey a whopping 12+ hr drive to the South. Our route? First through the Windy City, then Indiana, and diagonal through that state. Next comes Kentucky, diagonal through that, then TN, go straight across, and finally, Georgia. Man, I can't WAIT to lounge with my friends on the beach! I'm so excited!

We started driving at 7:30 am Central Standard Time, and right now, it's 7:35 pm Eastern Standard Time(I think that's what it's called), so almost 11 hours, since you gain an hr going east. You won't BELIEVE what I've seen--

•an elderly man in Nashville not wear a shirt and drive *shudders*

•a young girl at a rest stop in Indy tell her mom in a bathroom stall that they were sharing that she "didn't know you wore a toe ring"

•That Trident Vitality gum is REALLY GOOD (the pomegranate kind)

•how many trees were on one hill in KY

•That there are tons of wind mobiles in IN.

More pics to come--no wifi for awhile!


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