Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Brit Band on the rise: Coldplay

Ok. I know what you're probably thinking:

Will she just post another book-related post already!?

The answer to that?
Maybe so...


Coldplay, a British alt-rock band, is quickly becoming popular here in the States. Famous for songs like "Yellow", "Viva La Vida", "Paradise", and "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall", this band has trumped mainstream radio, and the Billboard Hot 100. This band was formed in 1996 by Chris Martin, and was originally dubbed "Starfish". This Summer, Coldplay is touring North America, starting in Alberta, Canada, and ending in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

I'm lucky, because I actually get to see one of their performances! I'm really excited, and I'll post pictures after the concert. They're doing this concert due to a semi-recent release of 'Mylo Xyloto' (My-Low X-Why-Low-Toe), an amazing album with equally amazing tracks, my favorite being "Charlie Brown". Mull Xyloto is available on iTunes, as well as stores and on the band's website, www.coldplay.com.

On iTunes, Mylo Xyloto costs $9.99, whereas on Target.com for the CD, it's $21.99.

I feel that, although the price is high, it's SO worth the money.

Happy Rea-Listening!


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