Sunday, September 23, 2012


Future animated Jace? (he's the second picture down)

(Jace is from the Mortal Instruments series...I've read books 1-3 so far)

This is really Jack Frost from the upcoming Dreamworks movie "The Guardians"(this is not the one based on a book).

The other pics are a fan art of Jace and Clary. My fav out of those is the one where she has her stele, and he has a seraph blade, not to mention the one where Jace is by himself in (what I think is) the Institute. :D These are the rest of the pics.

Also: future Valentine? Probably not, but...idk. Oh yeah, by the way, that pic is the one of the crazy brother in Snow White & the Huntsman, right below this post.

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