Wednesday, November 28, 2012

3 Books...3 Hours...

This was originally meant to be posted a few days ago. Sorry!

Road trip--way home. I finished Fearless. In an hour. Now, to feel semi-accomplished, I'm gonna try and read Sam and Run in the 2 hours, 26 minutes it takes for me to get home (well, as of now).

Book 1--Fearless

Title: Fearless (Gaia Moore #1)
Author: Francine Pascal
Pub: SimonPulse (aka, Simon & Schuster)
Pub year: 1999 (it doesn't seem THAT outdated...)
Genre: YA Fiction/ Sci-Fi Action
Pages: 189--paperback copy


“You see, I have this handicap. Uh, that's the wrong word. I am hormonally challenged. I am never afraid. I just don't have the gene or whatever that makes you scared.

"I guess you'd say I'm fearless."

(^Page 8 of Fearless)

It was a good read, very funny and fast paced. Gaia is a hilarious character, and like Cammie Morgan (Gallagher Girls series) and Jason Bourne (Bourne series), all the while mixing in drama from high school. "Mean Girls" meets "Alex Rider".

There were some downsides, though. The writing style was different, which isn't wrong, but was a little confusing if you didn't comprehend it the right way. Many different POVs throughout.

Despite the cons, there are more pros--in my opinion. I got it at B&N for $10.99--totally a steal! It's a 3-pack, with Fearless, Sam, AND Run, all in one book. WOOT!

Off to finish the next two...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Goodreads. I don't know if you guys heard yet, but the third book in Ally Condie's series came out last week. The new book is called Reached, and it is amazing. Ally Condie did an AWESOME job to this great ending of the Matched series. Also, Beautiful Redemption, the final book in the Caster Chronicles series was so good I just don't even know how to describe it.

Check out more books by these authors at
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We're also on goodreads-link to come!
                                                                                                     - Perri

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


So. Here we are again, doing one of my FAAAAVORITE things in the world.

Taking a road trip.

This time, it's 7 glorious hours to Ohio. Don't get me wrong, I love Ohio, but I don't like seeing field after field after FIELD after F. I. E. L. D.

On that high note, I'm bringing books with me. Yay! Which books, you're probably not asking?

-Fearless and Sam(Author...I forgot your name. Sorry D:)
-H.I.V.E., The Overlord Protocol( 2 in the H.I.V.E. series)
-Defiance (by C.J. Re...Red...Rew...I'm sorry...)
-Insigina (by S. J.'s always good to have a great read with ya!)
-And also, quite possibly Dark Life, by Kat Falls, and--of course--Divergent or Insurgent, both by Veronica Roth.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wattpad. And stuff.

More like 'schmuff'...I'm on Wattpad, which is fantastically amazing, and one of my friends (Schmuff_Luff) had a status saying this:

"All I wanna do is lay in bed, eat food and watch A Hard Day's Night. T_T"

She's a HUGE Beatles fan, and writes Beatles fanfiction, and in one story, I am a character...:3 (If you read 'All My Loving, Lucy, I am Charlotte, the quiet, tree-drawing girl sitting by herself at a party.)

Anyway, the photo below is what I replied back, and I think it's appropriate.

I'm almost done with The Evolution of Mara Dyer! So excited to post a review, it is such a phenomenal book. I think I'm taking so long because I don't want it to end...


(to see my Wattpad profile, click here!)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Movie images from last post


The movies of 2012-2013

So there are a lot of amazing books that are being turned into movies and I'm here to tell you about them:

First, we have Beautiful Creatures, a book about a guy who meets the mysterious girl in the small town of Gatlin after he has a dream about her (check out earlier post for more info).

Next is Uglies, which is a book about a new society where everyone under the age of 16 is ugly and on their 16 birthday they get an operation to make them perfect.

Third is The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, which is about a girl named Clary who discovers she's a Shadowhunter( a person who hunts demons) and her long journey into finding out who she is and why she is such a special Shadowhunter.

Fourth is Shiver, about a werewolf that falls in love with a human girl who tries to find a why for him to be human.

Fallen is about a girl who finds herself in between the battle of two men for her love and finds later that they are both Angels who have loved her for centuries.

Maximum Ride is about a group of kids who have 2% avian (bird) DNA so they have wings and can fly; they try to get their youngest member back after she is kidnapped, AND try to find their parents ( see older post for more info).

Sixth is The Maze Runner, which is about a boy who wakes up in a a maze with a bunch of other guys and one girl and they have to try to find their way out (see older post for more info).

The Graveyard Book is about a young boy named Nobody and is raised by a graveyard full of ghosts, after his whole family was brutally murdered.

Forgotten is about a girl whose memory is erased every day at 4:33 AM, which allows her to only see things from her future; one day she meets a boy who becomes her friend, but she can't find him in her future.

Ninth is Divergent which is a book about a society that divides people based on human traits (see past post for more info).

Catching Fire...the sequel to The Hunger Games.


Saturday, November 10, 2012

I know, I know

I haven't been posting things about books.

I'm almost done, however, with The Evolution of Mara Dyer, which is the second book in the Mara Dyer Trilogy.

Almost done.

Until then, feel free to watch this epic clip from Saturday Night Live's 2012 Election episode.


Monday, November 5, 2012

Beautiful Redemption...sort of.

Hay, sorry I haven't posted in a while, I just got Beautiful Redemption the finale to the Beautiful Creatures series...I'll let you know how it is when I finish.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

We Bought A Zoo!

A fabulous quote...Yes, I did do all of the typography, effects, and (find) the picture by myself! INDEPENDENCE!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Au Revoir...

Title: Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick
Author: Joe Schreiber
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Pub Year: 2011
Genre: YA Fiction
Pages: 190 (Short but sweet!)

Rating: 5/5

“Perry's parents insist that he take Gobi, their quiet, Lithuanian exchange student, to senior prom, but after an incident at the dance he learns that Gobi is actually a...who needs him as a...behind the wheel of his...on Manhattan.”

I refuse.

I refuse to give you any major plot supplements—it's just not fair. You need to read it for yourself!!!

Great book...I read it in an hour and a half, while waiting in line to eat at Lou Malnati's (the one by Anderson's). I will tell you the first sentence, however:

“You shot me,” I said.

Ooooooh! Cliffhanger!!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's official!

I'm a member of NaNoWriMo!!

Do you not know what that stands for?

It means:
Na: National (not sodium...:P)
No: Novel
Wri: Writing
Mo: Month

November is National Novel Writing Month, and I'm challenging myself to write a novel in that time--50,000 words or greater.

Wish me luck!

Collector's Edition of Insurgent

Veronica Roth, the author of the Divergent trilogy (Divergent #1, Insurgent #2, ???? #3) has released a special collector's edition of her NYTimes Bestseller Insurgent.

Included in this edition is not only the novel, but also an additional short story based on Four's POV, called "Free Four." Adding to that are faction tattoos, a ribbon bookmark, and playlists that Roth compiled; the cover is also metallic.

Here is her website.

I am yet to get this.

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