Monday, July 2, 2012

Attack of the sea life!!

I am in pain right now.

Not only was I sunburnt to a crisp, but also pinched by a crab and stung by a jellyfish! Yesterday, I was boogie-boarding with one of my friends--Braden--and I felt a VERY SHARP PINCH. VERY SHARP. I yelled, and Braden was like, WTH? We got out of the water, and I saw this splotchy white-red spot. (Picture Below)Ouch! When we went to the lifeguard, he confirmed it as a sting, and sprayed ammonia and vinegar on it. What I didn't see until this morning? An upturned crescent slice on my ankle. Very clean, and just starting to scar, but not scab. :( . A crab.

This won't discourage me from staying out of the water, though! The waves during high tide are perfect for b-boarding and wind surfing, and I look forward to it all week. The 'rents are forcing me to not go in the water, at least for today, so we're hitting some shops before dining in Savannah.

Over and Out!

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