Sunday, July 29, 2012

A rarity: a music post!(and book stuff, too)

So...if you don't know—which you probably don't—, I am in LOVE with bands like Green Day, My Chemical Romance, and blink-182.

Call me cliché, but I don't care.

It's not like I'm all-out goth or anything—I respect people like that, just saying—, but I do have a dark side of myself that no one knows about, constantly nagging me about regrets and things I did wrong, or stuff that I shouldn't have done. That's why I like alt music, since it is diverse. Don't get what I mean? Well, I've always been a die-heart Vampire Weekend fan (I'm listening to their most recent album 'Contra' right now), and they're considered as Alternative in iTunes.
Take Green Day, and look THEM up on iTunes. Click one of their albums, and under genre, the familiar term Alternative is written.

Two very different bands, joined by one word.

Music not only makes me feel like someone else gets me, but also let's me express my emotions. I enjoy writing, and I typically write in times of great stress, or when I'm excited. Just this past spring, I met author James Kennedy, and asked him for advice on writing. He said something along the lines of:
“No matter what, write EVERY DAY. Good or bad, just write.”.
Kennedy also showed us his first "book"—a small novel about monsters, guns, UFOs, and lots of fighting. It was hilarious watching him flip through the pages and be totally clueless on what he was thinking when he was six, writing and drawing the pages.

Well, anyway, Billie Joe Armstrong (lead vocals and guitarist for the band Green Day--mentioned above--) agreed to be a mentor for Christina Aguilera's team on The Voice!


••Green Day is releasing a new trilogy of albums, the first one—respectively titled ¡Uno!—comes out September 25!••

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