Tuesday, July 3, 2012

And the jellyfish strikes once more!

Update: Pictures are of my knee, where the jellyfish got the worst. Scratch- and whip-like marks are the sting.


Jellyfish must hate me 'cause one--or two--stung me AAAAALLLLL OVER MY LEGS. It felt like electric barbed wire, and completely wrapped around my calves and thighs. If anyone knows what jellyfish this is, or has a valid and trustworthy link to a site about jellies, please comment below. Even now, a good hour and a half since I got stung, it still hurts a lot, especially my right knee and right thigh. We put on (in order):
~At our chairs~
•Jellyfish Squish
•Wet Sand
•More Jellyfish Squish
~Taken to Lifeguard~
•Ammonia/Vinegar mix
~Back to Chairs~
•Wet sand
•Sea Water

Please, I need to know what's been stinging me...comment below.


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