Friday, December 21, 2012

The End of the World!!!!!!!!!!!

So as you might have heard the world is supposedly ending on 12-21-12 and TODAY IS THAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!  Now, if you are one of those people who thinks that the planets will align and cause Earth's destruction on the Sun will explode, I totally respect your beliefs and I'm sorry if I insult you. I believe that the world will not end today because the Earth is supposed to have another 6 billion years until the atmosphere reverses and we go back to be like Mars, that is if we stop global warming (which I do believe in). Another thing people also say that the world is going to end because 12-21-12 is the last date on the Mayan calendar...I say that maybe if we hadn't like totally tried to eliminate the Mayans, they probably would have gotten a chance to FINISH THEIR DANG CALENDAR!!!!

Sun Exploding
                                                                                 Sincerely, Perri (have a happy D-Day) 

UPDATE FROM THE BOTH OF US: WE SURVIVED! YEAH! (we knew that the world wasn't going to end, because the third Divergent novel hasn't been released, City of Bones and The Sea of Monsters haven't been viewed by millions of adoring fans, and we still haven't seen Le Mis yet.)

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