Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Goodreads Choice!

Hey everyone!

This past month, Goodreads has been doing their annual 'Goodreads Choice Awards'. These awards are the best books in certain categories, and they receive instant fame and bragging rights!!

That sounds like a pretty good reason to start finding a publishing company that will publish my stories...


Veronica Roth has a lot to brag about: not only did her hit sequel to Divergent (respectively titled Insurgent) win her 'Best by a Goodreads author' (meaning that the author has a profile on Goodreads: Cassandra Clare was also up for grabs on that one), but also the 'Best Young Adult Fantasy' award! Good job Veronica!

While we're still in the YA genre, The Fault In Our Stars, by John Green, won 'Best Young Adult Fiction'! Awesome! I am yet to read this...I hear from Eliz--my sources that it may make me cry. Darn.

Also, Rick Rioridan won the 'Best Middle Grade and Children's'! His newest book, The Mark of Athena, won that for him.

And, to make myself feel warm, fuzzy, and gory, all at the same time: 'Best Graphic Novel or Comic' was won by The Walking Dead, Vol. something-or-other. Good job, Daryl and Rick. You make me feel happy to be catching up on season 1.

Hopefully I'll finish season 1 by the time the world will (not) end.


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