Friday, September 14, 2012

Glee sings Imagine Dragons!

Glee airs every Thursday night, on FOX

On last night's episode of the Fox hit Glee (it's about girl who's good at singing, and she escalates in drama—and show choir—throughout her high school life), Blaine sings "It's Time" by indie group Imagine Dragons!

Imagine Dragons were formed in Provo, UT, and are produced by Alex Da Kid, who also produces the epic emo-rock band Paramore(!).

They're amazing, I love the songs "Demons", "Tip Toe", and "Radioactive". The first and last songs of those are on their EP, Continued Silence; all three are on their new full-length, Night Visions.

Give 'em a listen!

(Images courtesy of FOX entertainment, and Imagine Dragons)

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