Friday, February 22, 2013

Clouds by Zach Sobiech--

The courage and optimism of 17-year old Zach Sobiech inspires Perri and I, and we want to urge you to purchase the song on iTunes. All proceeds go to his foundation for osteosarcoma, which is a rare form of bone cancer. He is expected to live only until May. The both of us hope that he beats the odds, and that he will pursue his career in music. This may be one of the only songs that, however light and cheery, made me cry.

Support Zach! Buy it on iTunes here. Also, the song is on Google Play, Amazon, and others. He released a new song, titled "Fix Me Up", via his band called A Firm Handshake, and BMI records (they signed him on a contract, to let him explore the world of music).

Zach, if you read this, we just both hope that you defy predictions, and win your fight against cancer. You have our full support, at least through our blog. :*


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