Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Update Beautiful Creatures THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hay, Hay, Hay,Hayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! So I'm sure you guess have all heard about the New York Time's Bestseller Beautiful Creatures... yea well i bet you didn't know it was going to be made into a MOVIE!!!!(I know you already know just trying to add dramatic affect). "WHAT!!!!!!" you say. Yup and there is only 2 days until it comes out, 1 for all you European people out there. Also for all you guys who haven't read the book I suggest you get started, and remember Don't Judge A Book By It's Movie

                                                                                                           - Perri  

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Now  I don't particularly like this holiday for two reasons, One- all the lovesick couples giving eachother gives and acting all sweet is kind of disgusting to me. And Two- IT'S A COMMERCIAL HOLIDAY, it's not a real holiday just something the sales markets invented to sell more stuff, kind of like Christmas and while that is a real holiday most people forget why it's a holiday and just think about the gifts they're going to get. Just remember this the next time your bumed about geting clothes instead of the new x-box because there are some kids in the world who would take clothes over an x-box any day (how about giving something to them instead of getting something yourself).


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