Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nevermore, the epic finale to Maximum Ride

Title: Nevermore (Maximum Ride #8)
Author: James Patterson
Publisher: Scholastic
Pub Year: 2012
Genre: YA Sci-Fi

Hay people Perri here this is my first blog entry so yea hope ya like it. So I just finished reading Nevermore by James Patterson, now if you know James Patterson you know about the epic story of a girl named Maximum Ride and the rest of the flock—Fang, Iggy, Nugde, Gazzy, and Angel. Why call them a flock you ask? Well, if you don't know, then I guess I'll tell you. The flock are a group of avian/human hybrids (for all you not smart kids out there that means that they have 2% bird DNA and 98% human DNA) this means that they have eyesight like hawks, consume way more calories than any person should, but never get fat and oh yeah, they have WINGS!!!!!! Yep you heard me right: they can fly. This eight book series tells the tale of Max and her Quest to save the world (or that's what everyone tells her she has to do). The only problem: Does she want to? Can she do it? And can she do it while choosing between Fang (the guy whos known her her whole life and knows her better than anyone) or Dylan, a new addition the flock and the guy Jeb (the man that created them) says was made to be her perfect match. Find out in the epic finale Nevermore!

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